Meet our Staff at Spirit n' Motion Athletic School
Please view the video to meet our Summer Staff

Amanda Wilson is the owner and Head Coach of SMAS Gymnastics and the WRHS Varsity Cheer Team. Amanda has been coaching in the gymnastics and cheerleading industry for over 25 years. She grew up as a gymnast and did competitive cheerleading in high school and was a cheerleader for the University of Idaho. Amanda has a degree in Elementary Education and loves teaching and working with children. Amanda's dream for SMAS is to be the valley's number one choice for both recreational and competitive gymnastics and cheer, offering high quality instruction and love for their sport to all their athletes and families. Amanda coaches both Competitive Gymnastics teams and recreation classes, as well as runs the business.  She is head coach to all her assistant coaches.  

Alaylia (Lelu) Norton, is our summer camp director and also coaches both Competitive gymnastics team and recreational classes.  She has grown up in the gym, and has been competing with SMAS since she was 4.  She was both a competitive gymnast and a competitive all star cheerleader.  She graduated high school early and spent a year as a nanny in Houston Texas.  She is back coaching again coaching with us and we love having her talent and energy at SMAS!

Madison (Maddie) Miller is one of our upper level team coaches.  She is a wonderful hard working coach who is extremely passionate about gymnastics and sharing her love of the sport with her athletes.  She was a level 9 gymnast with Spirit n' Motion and has retired, and loves still being part of our SMAS family as a team coach.  She is a new member of the WRHS Cheer team and is excited to continue her tumbling/gymnastics skills in a different way.  Madison is a great asset to our team. The kids love her and she is amazing to work with.  

Katherine (Kate) Shafer is also a competitive team coach.  She also coaches rec classes and fills in wherever she is needed.  She is great at coaching all levels, and works so well with the kids.  She is also a retired gymanst from SMAS.  She was working level 8 skills, and still works out with her teammates once a week, even though she isn't competing any more.  She was the top # 1 level 6 athlete in the state of Idaho out of 74 kids.  She is an amazing choreographer and is an extremely hard worker.  We are so blessed to have her coaching all our upcoming athletes.  

Quinton Norton son of Amanda, has also grown up at Spirit n' Motion and is our ninja coach.  He is an amazing tumbler, and love parcour!  He is very athletic and wonderful with all our ninjas.  He was a competitive gymnast for 2 years, when we had boys gymnastics.  He was an all star cheerleader for 10 years and did high school cheer for a year.  He won many tumbling competitions, at the state and national level.  We are lucky to have him as a coach for our awesome ninjas.